Spanish Chorizo Recipes –

 a picture of quality spanish chorizo

quality spanish chorizo

Spanish Chorizo Recipes

Here you will find Traditional Spanish Chorizo Recipes. The best we can find! Why not send us your own?
We have researched thoroughly the best Spanish Chorizo Recipes from traditional to modern from tapas to main course


Chorizo, Anchovy and Olive Tapas 

A recipe for Chorizo Olives Anchovies Tapas

A Recipe for Chorizo Olives and Anchovy Tapas

The simplest of all Tapas. This Chorizo Anchovy Olive Tapas Recipe requires no cooking.The recipe just requires high quality ingredients if you want the perfect taste explosion It will definitely make the difference. Perfect for the kind of party where nibbles can be picked of trays and downed in one bite!



Chorizo Crusted Cod Recipe

Chorizo Crusted Cod Recipe

Chorizo Crusted Cod Recipe

A really simple but flavoursome Chorizo Crusted Cod Recipe. included in both modern and Spanish Chorizo Recipes because although not a traditional Spanish Chorizo Recipe it uses classic Spanish ingredients. The Chorizo, The Sherry Vinegar, The Chorizo. The mild meaty Cod contrasting perfectly with the strong and piquant flavours of the Chorizo and Sherry Vinegar. serve with anything -Rice, Pasta, Salad, New Potatoes, Buttered Asparagus. there is almost no end to how you can match up the flavours in this dish


Chorizo Squid Paella Recipe

a picture of a chorizo squid paella recipe

A Spanish Chorizo Recipe - Chorizo, Squid and Paella Recipe

A classic Spanish Chorizo Recipe full of quintessentially Spanish ingredients. Spanish Paella Rice, Saffron, Chorizo, Fresh Squid – What more could you want!The Paella technique – How to produce the perfect Paella! Some notes on how to make sure you get the right texture, flavour and moisture



Chorizo Cider Apple Recipe – Spanish Tapas

a picture of a tapas recipe - Chorizo Cider Apple

A Tapas Recipe for Chorizo Apple and Cider

Chorizo tapas…There are so many varieties of chorizo sausage in various qualities and styles but for this recipe we need some good quality ‘semi-dried’ Chorizo lightly cured for the best results. Pork and Apple goes well together obviously but you would not necessarily consider Chorizo and Apple.Think again! This recipe provides a lovely balanced spicily sweet tapas. One of the best Spanish Chorizo Recipes!



Spanish Chorizo Recipe – Make Your Own

a picture of homemade Spanish Chorizo

Homemade Spanish Chorizo Recipe

There are as many recipes for Spanish Chorizo as there are Spanish Chefs, butchers and housewives. Like British and American sausage makers everyone has their own closely guarded secret. Each maker is sure that theirs is the best – in some case the only true Chorizo Recipe. This is my own tried and tested uncooked unsmoked undried chorizo recipe. Perfect shallow fried slowly to crisp the natural skin and release the vibrant red juices, or cut into pieces fried slowly once again and served in a risotto a stew or pasta dish.

Chorizo, Morcillo, Chick Pea and Vegetable Stew

a picture of a chicken chorizo morcilla and vegetable stew

chorizo chick pea moriclla stew

An Andalusian Chorizo Recipe,Chorizo Paprika and Morcilla, are the main flavours in this meat and vegetable stew. Once again this is a traditional Spanish peasant dish which has no golden rules mix and match, use what is available but keep to the core! if you want to know more search for Berza Andaluza.



Chorizo Chicken and Cannellini Beans Recipe

A picture of Chicken chorizo and beans

Chorizo Chicken and Cannelini beans

A hearty traditional peasant dish which as with all peasant food varies from region to region, town to town and household to household. Enjoy this one with some good artisan bread





Chorizo, Mussels, White Wine and Tomatoes Recipe

A picture of Chorizo with White Wine Tomatoes and Mussels

Chorizo with White Wine Tomatoes and Mussels

A simple and quick Spanish Chorizo Recipe perfect for a light lunch, starter, tapas or a tasty evening meal. serve with some good bread to soak up the tasty juices










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