Mexican Chorizo Recipes

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Quality Mexican Chorizo

Here you will find all our authentic Mexican Chorizo recipes from how to make a real Mexican Chorizo through to Chorizo with eggs and Chorizo Tortilla

Mexican Chorizo Recipes

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Uncooked Mexican Chorizo

Make Your Own Mexican Chorizo

Mexican chorizo is a development of the more famous and milder Spanish variety. it is popular in the chilli eating belt of Central America and the southern United States
This recipe originates from Sonora the heartland of Mexican Chorizo making. It is a fresh sausage, but it can also be smoked in order to intensify the flavour. I have reproduced the recipe fairly faithfully but be aware I have significantly reduced the chilli content as in mexico it would be used in small quantities to flavour a dish such as scrambled eggs or refried beans. There is nothing much to the recipe for this dish – just mix it up and stuff it in!


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