Goan Chorizo Recipes

A picture of Goan Chorizo Soup

Goan Chorizo Soup Recipe

Here you will find Goan Chorizo Recipes with a core Goan influence. a balance of the Portuguese and wider Iberian influence and the Indian use of aromatic spices

Goan Chorizo Recipes

 Goan Chorizo and Langoustine Paella

a picure of goan chorizo and mussel paella

goan chorizo and mussel paella

This recipe could have been posted almost anywhere Spain- because of the chorizo and paella link, Portugal because of the chourico – goan -colonial link. International because of all the above and finally modern because the best modern cuisine recognises no boundaries.

Ultimately it is clear that Goa provides the definition of this dish as it is defined by the indian spices which would not be used elsewhere.  However we have provided links to this dish in International, Portuguese Spanish and Modern.

However it is categorised – it tastes good and ultimately thats all there is!


 Goan Chorizo Pork Vindaloo Recipe

A picture of Goan Chorizo and Pork Vindaloo

Goan Chorizo and Pork Vindaloo

One of the more unusual Goan Chorizo Recipes An unusual combination of Goa’s signature dish Pork Vindaloo and The local Chorizo Sausage.  the fiery chilli and the acid red wine vinegar combined with the intense aromatics of onion, garlic and ginger offer a real taste explosion


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