Filipino Chorizo Recipes

a picture of a philippino chorizo recipe

Filipino chorizo and rice recipe

Filipino Chorizo Recipes

This page is dedicated to Filipino Chorizo Recipes n the Philippines are made a number of Chorizo style sausages. Longaniza are  Philippine Chorizos flavoured with spices such as Garlic, Ginger and Oregano and Black Pepper. These are fresh undried sausages. The Philippine tradition also includes the making of cured sausages in the Iberian style These sausages are made using either local spices or in the Spanish way with the use of pimenton and garlic.


A picture of a Phillipino Chorizo Recipe
Filipino Chorizo Recipes
Filipino Chorizo Sausages Recipe

Our first Filipino Chorizo recipe is for the making of a simple basic Chorizo Sausage. A spicy fresh sausage. This can be used in authentic South East Asian Recipes or stuffed western style in sausage skins and adapted to different cuisines. This Filipino Chorizo Recipe will not let you down! Altenatively stuff them in sausage skins to create western style sausages and treat them as any normal uncooked chorizo

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