Chorizo Recipes

Chorizo Recipes

a picture of Chorizo Drying in the Sun

Chorizo Drying in the Sun

A collection of Chorizo Recipes from around the world – Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, Goan, Filipino, International Chorizo Recipes.follow the links below to find your recipe.

We have collected the best recipes we can find cooked and tested them and only the best have survived.  In the modern section you will find recipes some of which we have created ourselves. these are created with a lighter touch than the more traditional dishes.
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Spanish Chorizo Recipes

a pi ture of homemade Spanish Chorizo

Homemade Spanish Chorizo Recipe

Follow the links to find authentic tested Spanish Recipes using Chorizo as its key ingredient. The key is quality ingredients particularly quality paprika.  Paprika is not the same in the UK or USA. get the good stuff make sure it is fresh and use it quickly. It really makes a difference.




Mexican Chorizo Recipes

a picture of raw mexican chorizo

Raw Mexican Chorizo

Follow the links to find authentic Mexican Chorizo Recipes We have recipes for making the sausage from scratch and recipes for using Mexican Chorizo in authentic and modern Chorizo Recipes






Puerto Rican Chorizo Recipes

a picture of peurto rican chorizo

Peurto Rican Chorizo

Follow the links to find authentic Puerto Rican Chorizo Recipes.

In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic Chorizo is a smoked sausage, un-dried paprika seasoned in a very similar way to the Sausages of Spain and Portugal. Puerto Rican and Dominican Republic Longanizas are very different.

Puerto Rican style Longanisa is most often made of  pork , but can also be made with chicken. The red colour in Longanisa does not come from Paprika but from from the addition of  crushed annatto seeds.


Filipino Chorizo Recipes

A picture of a Phillipino Chorizo Recipe

Philipino Chorizo Recipe

Here you will find Filipino Chorizo Recipes In the Philippines the Chorizo is flacoured differently than its Spanish Counterpart  there are a number of different Chorizo style sausages. Longaniza are Filipino Chorizos flavoured with spices.  the main ones being Garlic, Ginger and Oregano and Black Pepper. These sausages are fresh and undried and are made without casings. The Philippine tradition also includes the making of cured sausages similar in style to the Iberian classic These sausages are made both with local spices or using the Spanish traditional spices of pimenton and garlic.


Portuguese Chorizo Recipes

A picture of a Portuguese Chorizo and Prawn Recipe

Portuguese Chorizo and Prawn Recipe -Chorizo World

Her you will find recipes using Portuguese chourico. This is mast traditionally often made with pork, fat, wine, paprika and salt. Like British or American sausage It is then stuffed into natural or artificial casings. It can then be used as it is or  slowly dried over smoke. As with Spain -Portuguese Chorizo varieties are available locally and which may  differ iin colour, shape, piquancy, seasoning and taste.

Portuguese  and Brazilian Chorizo Recipes are available which make use of chourico.


Modern Chorizo Recipes

Here you will find non traditional – Modern Chorizo Recipes – These recipes have been produced reflecting a modern style. Restaurant style recipes, often lighter in treatment but still the recipes are highly redolent of the core Chorizo Flavours



International Chorizo Recipes

Here you will find International Chorizo Recipes from around the world. These recipes combine the cooking styles of a particular region or country with the versatility of the Chorizo ingredient. There are many ways to use Chorizo in a non traditional manner. Visit our International Chorizo Recipes page to unleash the creative in you!


Chorizo Sausage Recipes

A picture of home made chorizo

Jome made dried chorizo

Here you will find recipes guiding you in how to make your own Chorizo. Recipes from Spain, Mexico, USA, Philippines, Portugal and Goa. Recipes for dried and undried Chorizo. Recipes for Smoked and unsmoked Chorizo.




 You should be able to find a recipe to suit your needs.  We welcome contributions from anyone. Just use the comments form below. We will of course acknowledge your contribution

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